Face Glow Rosehip, Moringa And Vitamin E Face Oil

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Face Glow Rosehip, Moringa And Vitamin E Face Oil

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Face Glow contains a potent active blend of natural plant oils, each chosen for their unique properties to nourish, moisturise and heal the skin. Rosehip oil is full vitamins (A, C, E and D) and essential fatty acids which will protect and heal the skin , increasing cell turnover and rejuvenating tired looking skin. Moringa oil gives the skin a luminescent glow unlike any other oil and delivers moisture deep into the epidermis while over 20% natural vitamin E will protect your skin from free radical damage, a major cause of ageing . Face Glow also contains our rejuvenating blend of pure rose otto, geranium, sandalwood and lavender essential oils, some of the most powerful and beneficial oils for the skin as well as flower extracts, evening primrose oils and chamomile.

Face Glow is suitable for very sensitive skin. This product could not be any purer or packed with goodness.

Apply as a serum at night or use as you would a cream .

Retail Height:
12.0 cm
Retail Width:
4.5 cm
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4.5 cm
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0.1 kg

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Glass bottle in cardboard box

RRP: £22.00 each.

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