Bakewell Tart Recipe Tea Towel

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Bakewell Tart Recipe Tea Towel

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High quality screen printed organic cotton tea towel, this design is part of the Regional Recipes product range celebrating the wonderful culinary traditions of Great Britain. This illustrated recipe is from an original, hand painted lino cut, each image is an ingredient; the whole design is the complete recipe - including the serving suggestion to enjoy your Bakewell Tart with a nice cup of tea. Instructions on how to cook the recipe are on the packaging.

Tea Towels
1.0 cm
17.0 cm
19.0 cm
0.1 kg

Additional Specification:

Machine was at 40 degrees
One of the Regional Recipes range which includes Yorkshire Steak and Ale Pie, Lancashire Hot Pot, Scotch Broth and, coming soon Cornish Pasty, Irish Stew, Welsh Cawl and Scouse. All designs are also available as greeting cards.

RRP: £12.00 each.

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