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Premium London Dry Gin With Wiltshire Water 20cl

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Based on our double award winning signature 1606 London Dry Gin, this London Dry Gin uses light and refreshing spring water locally sourced in Wiltshire.

It is a single batch distilled Premium Gin using the best 100% English grain spirit. With classical botanic infusion, together with lemons and oranges this gin creates a powerful, aromatic gin bursting with favour, yet imparting a smooth and delicate finish on the palate.

Nose - Exceptional balance of juniper with earthy pine, vanilla, and a subtle fragrance of angelica with peppery and fresh citrus notes.
Taste - Very classic, soft, clean and easy drinking. Low tones of vanilla and angelica with superb lingering citrus, with classic juniper and spice to finish.

43% ABV

Retail Height:
16.0 cm
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7.0 cm
Retail Length:
7.0 cm
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0.5 kg
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Additional Specification:

43% ABV

RRP: £15.00 each.

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