Blueberry + gin gourmet marshmallows

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Blueberry + Gin Gourmet Marshmallows

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6 signature marshmallows crafted from blueberries and matched with gin. Vibrant in colour yet delicate on the palate. We add a nip of Sipsmith Gin to each batch and raise the flavour using organic juniper - this gives it a light, almost floral note. This is aromatic, rather than sweet, and the fruit pairing softens the alcohol taste.

The quality of what we do and our ingredients means a lot to us: we only use fruit and organic herbs in our marshmallows - you won't find any colourings or flavourings here! All our marshmallows are whipped up, hand poured and cut in our own bakery. We hand-finish with beautiful toppings- a striking blueberry crumb for this flavour. They are then packaged into our luxe gold foiled boxes- the perfect gift for any gin lover!

Our marshmallows have a 4.5 month shelf life upon delivery and should be kept at an ambient temperature.

each box contains 6 signature marshmallows and weight 120g

ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar, blueberry juice from concentrate (21%) ,FISH gelatine, glycerine, gin 40% abv (3%) , dried blueberries, organic juniper essential oil, salt, cornflour, icing sugar

Retail Height:
10.0 cm
Retail Width:
3.0 cm
Retail Length:
15.0 cm
Retail Weight:
1.2 kg
Shelf Life:
4.5 months

RRP: £7.50 each.

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