Chilli, Garlic & Ginger Bread Dipper

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Chilli, Garlic & Ginger Bread Dipper

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The Chilli, Garlic & Ginger Bread Dipper throws a bit of heat and spice in to the mix. Teamed with bread it's great as an appetiser. Just pour some of the lovely flavour-infused dipping oil in a bowl and grab your favourite bread to make a light bite.The flavour profile lends iteslf really well to cooking stir fry's or drizzled over vegetables before roasting.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free, 100% GM Free.


- Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
- Dried Chilli Flakes
- Ginger Oil
- Chilli Oil
- Garlic Oil

Retail Height:
28.5 cm
Retail Width:
4.5 cm
Retail Length:
4.5 cm
Retail Weight:
0.6 kg

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