Sweet Violet Liqueur 50cl

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Sweet Violet Liqueur 50cl

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Sweet Violets supposedly were a gift from Zeus the king of the Greek pantheon as a comfort to Io for whom he loved but had to turn into a heifer to save her from Hera’s wrath!

Sweet Violets are a beautiful find and have a very unique sweet pastelly taste and a strong scent. As a drink it can be used exactly like Crème de Violette but as it has been refined with over 20 other botanicals contained in our Gin made in Manchester’s first Gin distillery: Zymurgorium; it is also equally as good on it’s own, with lemonade, mixed with ice cream or in baking!

Try making an Aviator cocktail with this much superior violet Manchester gin liqueur!

18.7% ABV
50cl bottle

Retail Height:
30.0 cm
Retail Width:
6.6 cm
Retail Length:
0.0 cm
Retail Weight:
1.0 kg

Additional Specification:

18.7% ABV
50cl bottle

RRP: £25.00 each.

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The Gin Inn, Farnham, GU9 9HZ
Klondyke Group, Falkirk, FK2 0XS
Moor & Tide Limited, Whitby, YO22 4BH

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