Beard Balm Collection

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Beard Balm Collection

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The discerning beardsman requires more than a singular scent of any of his crafting accoutrements, and we have responded to this challenge by producing the superb Beard Balm Gift Pack with six very different and delightful scents. Maybe the beardsman will add some zest to an otherwise dull Tuesday with Orange Bergamot? Perhaps he’ll decide on having a Summer Spice Saturday? Whilst the choice will be his, the gift will be yours.

The balm will enable the beardsman to style his beloved man mane, whilst luxurious ingredients such as Shea butter and almond oil will allow him to keep it soft and conditioned.

The Beard Balm Gift Set includes:

6 x 15ml tins of various scented beard balm, providing choice and variety to the beardsman.

1 x Aluminium Gift Tin – The six tins of beard balm will be carefully encased in a cleanly designed gift tin, allowing a neat and pristine gift wrap, before you present it lovingly to the beardsman.

Vanilla and Mango

The subtle scent of vanilla, when combined with the tropical, fresh and fruity aroma of mango, provides a delicious and mood-lifting fragrance. When used, the beardsman will be temporarily transported to warmer, more exotic lands, only to return invigorated!


Through the exacting process of steam distillation on the wood pieces originating from the cedar tree, this essential oil can further improve the beardsman’s wisdom. The oil will also promote hair growth whilst mitigating skin irritation. The oil carries a distinct masculine, woody fragrance.

Sweet Mint

A peppermint essential oil with a myriad of health benefits, including inducing calmness, improving focus and boosting energy, whilst its antimicrobial properties will help to freshen and soothe. This essential oil has a classic clean, fresh fragrance, making it a popular choice of the venerable beardsman.

Orange Bergamot

A delightfully fresh, citrus scented oil, which increases the beardsman’s circulation, thus promoting hair growth. Orange Bergamot contains both anti-ageing and anti-depressive properties, and is able to both soothe skin irritations and kill germs and bacteria.

Winter Spice

Enhanced with the fragrance of cinnamon, clove, subtle ginger and sweet orange, this scent provides the warm, comforting feeling of winter, whilst its properties enhance and nourish the skin.


For the beardsman who wishes to express the fragrance of his chosen aftershave, our unscented product is natural, bearing no essential oils.

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RRP: £20.00 each.

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