Sandalwood Beard Grooming Kit

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Sandalwood Beard Grooming Kit

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Mo Bro's Sandalwood Grooming Kit Gift Tin - 6 Piece Kit

Are you looking for a gift for your bearded friend - or maybe even a little present for yourself? Look no further! This gift set contains all of the essentials you or your bearded companion will need to maintain their beard. The essentials include items such as a Comb and Scissors for necessary grooming, as well as beard oil to stop any irritation. This gift set also comes with a Gift Tin which means you can easily wrap up the present for that special bearded someone.

What you'll receive:

1 x 10ml Mo Bro's Beard Oil - Our Beard Oil helps to condition and calm any irritation caused by the growth of your beard.

1 x 15ml Mo Bro's Beard Balm - With our Beard Balm you will be able to maintain and style your beard, as well as keeping it moisturized, along with the skin underneath. Our Balm is made with the finest Shea butter, leaving you with a silky smooth beard.

1 x 15ml Mo Bro's Moustache Wax - As well as leaving a great smell, our Moustache Wax will help you to maintain and style that crazy 'stache.

1 x Mo Bro's Beard Comb - Our Comb is perfect for getting that Beard in top form. It is a great addition to any grooming kit, and hell everyone loves pulling out something fancy especially when it comes to that fine specimen on your face...

1 x Mo Bro's Grooming Scissors - Perfect for keeping that Mo & Beard in perfect form!

1 x Aluminium Gift Tin - Premium Hinged Gift Tin made Tinplate measuring 177cm x 73cm x 2cm Perfect to hold all your moustache & beard goodies.

Shea Butter - has many amazing uses for hair and skin along with its incredible, creamy smell. It is full of nutrients including vitamins A, E and F as these properties are known to heal many skin conditions. It's great for sensitive skin as well as protecting hair from environmental damage, leaving the hair soft and conditioned.

Beeswax - Offers the skin of natural moisture and glow, it contains anti- allergic and anti- inflammatory properties, which can easily sooth irritated dry skin. It is also a great thickening agent for the hair as it helps to add volume while keeping it soft and manageable.

Petroleum Jelly - has many uses, it is used to moisturise and soften skin and help to shape and maintain hair.

Sweet Almonds Oil - Is rich in various minerals such as Vitamins A, B and E. They are all great for hair and skin, they will make your hair look healthy and shiny and leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

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RRP: £15.00 each.

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