Pothecary, British Blended Gin

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Pothecary, British Blended Gin

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Pothecary British Blended Gin
Having hand-picked five distinct ingredients from around the world,
going against tradition with notes of Lavender, Mulberry and Honey, Pothecary Gin
carefully distils and then blends the following produce to create its unique style:

Wild-Foraged Juniper from Bulgaria - with a naturally piney aromatic quality, juniper is
earthy and warming on the palate

Organic Lavender from Provence - very aromatic and intense, the lavender is
soothing and sensual on the nose, whilst being dry and savoury on the

Organic Black Mulberries from Anatolia - evoking a nostalgic aroma of
raspberry ripple ice cream, the unique black mulberries deliver a soft
mid-palate with a hint of ripe berry aroma

Organic Lemons from Sicily - after distillation, the dried peels become almost
marmalade-like, fresh peels also add atypical freshness and zing

Wild-Foraged Tilia Flowers from Poland - with attractive aromas of black tea and honey, Tilia also adds a little softness to the palate

The initial burst of soothing Lavender aromas gives way to refreshing citrus, supported by Juniper, leading to Black Mulberry ripeness in tandem with the black tea and honey scent from the Tilia flowers.
A smooth, Juniper led Gin, with attractive layers of floral Lavender and honeyed Tilia, fresh notes of lemon, and a subtle fruitiness from Black Mulberries.

Distinctively different, decidedly smooth, deliciously moreish;
Pothecary Gin – the perfect tonic!

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17.0 cm
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Additional Specification:

50cl bottle
44.8% abv

RRP: £40.00 each.