Granite North Scottish Gin 70cl

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Granite North Scottish Gin 70cl

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Granite North is a smooth London Dry gin packed with flavour. A juniper-forward gin, its fresh, citrus taste is smooth enough to drink on its own or with a light tonic to release even more of its zesty flavour and is robust enough to stand up and stand out in cocktails. Its outdoor personality is revealed in the subtle infusion of Grand Fir needles that complement the native taste of its juniper cousin, helping to summon the fresh aromas of the pure mountain air.

Handcrafted in small batches in Scotland, Granite North Gin is distilled using water from its Cairngorm Mountain range home. With its rich contour of flavours capturing the essence of the rugged Highland landscape, Granite North Gin will warm on the coldest winter nights and refresh on the balmiest of summer days.

Tasting Notes: Bright and fresh on the nose, reminiscent of forest floors. A luxurious creamy mouthfeel, while delivering a clean and crisp palate. A warm and seasoned finish.

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18.0 cm
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9.6 cm
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9.6 cm
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1.0 kg

Additional Specification:

Scottish Gin - 42% vol

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