Black Shuck Liqueur Collection

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Black Shuck Liqueur Collection

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Contains 1 x 5cl Blackcurrant Rum liqueur (24% vol), 1 x 5cl Plum Brandy Liqueur (24% vol), 1 x 5cl Sloe Gin (27% vol), and 1 x 5cl Raspberry Vodka Liqueur (24% vol).

Black Shuck Liqueurs are lovingly made using the finest spirits infused with fruits from Norfolk.

The word 'liqueur' is derived from the Latin 'liquefacere' meaning 'melt' or 'dissolve', which is just what these wondrous creations do. They melt in the mouth.

Serving suggestions
Shuck's Fizz:
35ml Black Shuck Sloe Gin
175ml chilled Champagne (or Cava)
Pour the chilled Champagne into the glass with Black Shuck Sloe Gin
Sit back and enjoy!

Warmed Plum Brandy:
Heat gently over the stove without boiling.
Enjoy for a warming winter drink.

Retail Height:
16.0 cm
Retail Width:
5.0 cm
Retail Length:
21.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.8 kg

RRP: £19.50 each.

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