70cl Black Shuck Passion Gin

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70cl Black Shuck Passion Gin

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70CL. 43% VOL.

At 43% vol. Passion Gin has both strength and complexity. Distilled with fifteen botanicals, including Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Lime Flower and Elderflower, Passion Gin delivers a taste sensation to intrigue and excite the palate.

Black Shuck’s Passion Gin is the culmination of a two-year labour of love and creativity.
On numerous occasions members of the ever-expanding Black Shuck Tasting panel were summoned to Black Shuck HQ to taste test an extensive selection of trials. The recipe and methods changed many times before all were in agreement that Passion Gin was ready for you. It goes without saying that this sophisticated Gin has been distilled with an abundance of patience, precision and of course Passion.

Serving Suggestion:
Add plenty of ice cubes to a Copa glass together with a garnish of blueberries and a wedge of grapefruit. Pour over one measure of Black Shuck Passion Gin. Add 2-3 measures of Fever Tree Indian Tonic. Enjoy!

Retail Height:
6.5 cm
Retail Width:
8.5 cm
Retail Length:
7.0 cm
Retail Weight:
1.5 kg

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