Calm - Sea Salt Flake Crystal Bath Salts

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Calm - Sea Salt Flake Crystal Bath Salts

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Relax into a blend of sage, chamomile and lavender pure essential oils, triggering relaxation for mind and body helping to ease tension and softening your skin.

From the pure open waters off the UK’s most southerly peninsula, we hand harvest soft, flaked Cornish Sea Salt crystals to nourish, smooth and hydrate your skin. Our blend of pyramid and flaked sea salt crystals is infused with Living Sea Complex® packed with over 60 essential minerals and vitamins, unique to the Cornish coastline.

Retail Height:
8.2 cm
Retail Width:
10.6 cm
Retail Length:
10.6 cm
Retail Weight:
0.4 kg

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RRP: £22.00 each.

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