Simply Lavender (epsom) Salt Scrub - Vegan

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Simply Lavender (epsom) Salt Scrub - Vegan

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Simply Lavender Salt Scrub. Lavender is the eternal favourite essential oil. It’s said to relieve stress, calm and soothe the soul. Gently exfoliate any dull-looking, flaky skin into an invigorating and radiant ‘glow’ with this sensuous English Lavender essential oil exfoliating salt scrub.

Directions for use:
Stir well before use. Scoop a small handful or spoonful of scrub into your hands and apply to your body with a light circular scuffing motion, then wash it thoroughly from your body after use.

Retail Height:
8.0 cm
Retail Width:
7.0 cm
Retail Length:
7.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.3 kg
Shelf Life:
12 months

RRP: £12.50 each.

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