Inginius Citrus Sweet Tonic

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Inginius Citrus Sweet Tonic

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Inginius Tailored Tonics - hand-crafted tonic waters lovingly made in small batches to complement and enhance fine gins.

The Citrus Sweet Tailored Tonic is perfect with sweeter or citrus-led gins, with less quinine but no more sugar than the Classic Tonic.

The Citrus Sweet Tailored Tonic has just been awarded one star in the Great Taste Awards 2018, and the judges said:

“Superior tonic”
“A tonic that will really let the gin’s botanical notes shine through.”
“Would complement the finest gins on the market”
“Lovely light refreshing tonic”
“Beautifully carbonated”

Retail Height:
19.5 cm
Retail Width:
5.0 cm
Retail Length:
5.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.4 kg
Shelf Life:
12 months

Additional Specification:

200ml glass bottle with crown cap

RRP: £1.25 each.

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