Fishers Gin

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Fishers Gin

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*Gold winners of Gin Masters 2016 award*

Fishers Gin takes once-forgotten English botanicals to create a premium British gin. Inspired by the boundless ocean and crafted on the Suffolk coast, Fishers Gin uses a classic selection of gin botanicals - from aromatic cardamom to sharp orange – alongside a unique range of foraged English coastal botanicals including Spignel, Rock Samphire, Wood Aven & Bog Myrtle.

Fishers is more than a gin, it is an expression of the English coast, of its awe-inspiring natural landscapes and the captivating traditions that have flourished there for so long.

Retail Height:
25.0 cm
Retail Width:
10.0 cm
Retail Length:
10.0 cm
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1.0 kg

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