Gindulgent - Gin Infusing Kit

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Gindulgent - Gin Infusing Kit

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Gin. Plain gin. Dull, right? Yeah, it goes nicely with tonic, but you don’t have to settle for JUST that ginny gin-ness anymore. We’re putting the power to make your very own creative gin infusions into your hands, with our Gindulgent Infusions Kit!

With easy to follow instructions, this kit contains enough ingredients and equipment to make four 350ml batches of infused gin, each with a unique flavour profile. Are you more of a rose and raspberry pink gin kinda guy, or a lady who loves liquorice? Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose - you can make both of those AND chocolate orange infused gin, AND rhubarb and ginger infused gin all with this one kit.

As long as you have 350ml of gin per batch - doesn’t have to be pricey stuff, you’re going to infuse it to the high heavens so it’ll end up delicious regardless - and two glass jars or bottles to infuse and store your gin in. Simple!

Product features:
Gin infusion kit
Each one comes with almost everything you need to make four different infused gins
All you need is 4 x 350ml gin, and two bottles to store and infuse the gin in
All the infusions and other equipment are included
V - Suitable for Vegetarians

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