Salty Af Towel

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Salty Af Towel

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Make it clear that you’re the saltiest bitch on the beach with this majestic, MAHOOSIVE beach blanket!

The sassiest accessory around, this giant towel is made of cruelty free, durable microfibre, which dries super fast and cleans super easily. And, bonus, it’s got a diddy little weave that sand can’t get stuck in! No more sandy car/bag/house.

It’s also humongous. Did we mention that? 1.5 metres across, in fact. No more feet dangling off the end of your towel in the sand. Your entire squad can fit on it. And it doubles as a picnic blanket. And it rolls up small so it’s easy to transport. It’s a summer miracle!

All hail the queen of salt - that’s you, girl! 👑

Product features:
Sassy beach blanket that says ‘Salty AF’
Absolutely massive - 1.5m diameter, to be precise
Microfibre weave that won’t gather sand
Dries super quickly
Cruelty free!

Retail Height:
13.0 cm
Retail Width:
13.0 cm
Retail Length:
39.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.6 kg

RRP: £15.99 each.

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