Mermaid Tea

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Mermaid Tea

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Ditch your usual mug because this is one hot beverage you'll want to drink out of a glass.

We've teamed up with super-talented illustrator Alicia Rihko to bring you Mermaid Tea – a colour-changing brew made from a dreamy blend of butterfly blue pea flowers and lemongrass.

As the loose tea leaves start to infuse, the water turns into a calming ocean blue – then the real magic happens. Just add a generous squeeze of lemon juice and behold as your brew changes from a soothing blue into a vibrant and stunning pink.

One sip of this mesmerising beverage and you're transformed. Revitalised. Refreshed. Ready to unleash your sassy, inner merbabe.

Product Features:
Changes colour when you add lemon juice!
A dreamy blend of butterfly blue pea flowers and lemongrass.
The longer you infuse it, the darker the colours become.
Tasty decaffeinated floral tea.
Beautiful packaging artwork by the mega-talented Alicia Rihko.
Air-tight tin to keep your tea fresh.

Measures approximately 9cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 9cm(D)
V - Suitable for Vegetarians

Retail Height:
14.2 cm
Retail Width:
11.0 cm
Retail Length:
11.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.2 kg

RRP: £14.99 each.

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