Make Your Own Chilli Sauce

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Make Your Own Chilli Sauce

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Our latest endeavour? This Make Your Own Chilli Sauce Kit. Craft your own fiery (or not so fiery) chilli concoctions.

Let's hope your loved ones have bowels of steel.
Enough ingredients to fashion a tangy six bottles worth.
Recipes developed by the The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company.
Both Smokey Chipotle & Mango Morita ready in under an hour.

V - Suitable for Vegetarians.

Fancy impressing the living frick out of your friends and self? Why not rustle up your own homemade chilli sauce. We're rather joyful about introducing to you our Make Your Own Chilli Sauce Kit.

Tastebuds won't know what's hit them. In under an hour you can have 3 bottles of seriously scrumptious home-made chilli sauce.

What's in the box? Each kit includes enough ingredients to make one batch of each flavour. Don't worry greedy guts, one batch includes 3 x 150 ml bottles - so with each kit you get a hearty 6 bottles of zing.

The included recipe booklet is a walk in the park to follow - you basically just need to smoosh all the ingredients we give you together.

Boasting two delectable flavours - Smokey Chipotle Sauce and Mango Morita Sauce - both developed by The Upton Cheyney Chilli Co. When it comes to the world of chillies, these lot are big in the game. Both the Bhut Jolokia spice and Chipotle spice used in the mixes were manufactured at their world-renown farm in Bristol.

It also just so happens that once made your saucy-sauce will have a shelf life of an entire year. How's that for a dapper bit of news.

Plus, you’ll feel mighty accomplished when slopping your zesty homemade remedy over all your favourite edibles. A feeling that we can imagine is very much akin to the pride felt at the birth of your first child, except far more enhanced.

Kit Includes:
3 x 150ml glass bottles (re-use to make second sauce)
6 x bottle labels
1 x plastic funnel
100ml red wine vinegar
150ml cider vinegar
1 x spice mix for Smokey Chipotle Sauce: mustard powder, brown sugar, salt, Chipotle spice, garlic powder
1 x spice mix for Mango Morita Sauce: Chipotle spice, Bhut Jolokia spice, salt curry powder, mustard powder, sugar, garlic powder
1 x Chipotle dried chilli
1 x Morita dried chilli
Not Included:
Worcester Sauce (can be omitted to make the sauce suitable for all you veggies)
Sliced onion
Tinned mango
Tinned tomatoes
Blender. Obvs.
V - Suitable for Vegetarians

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9.7 cm
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26.0 cm
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1.3 kg

RRP: £29.99 each.

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