The Tale Of Oolong - Tea With Whisky (250ml)

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The Tale Of Oolong - Tea With Whisky (250ml)

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NOVELTEA The Tale Of Oolong - Tea With Whisky
Oolong tea blended with red rose petals, papaya and mango flakes with Scotch Whisky. Serve it neat, either cold over a few ice cubes or hot as normal tea.

A rich and fragrant Chinese Oolong flavour with a natural sweetness and floral traces of jasmine and rose petals. Complemented perfectly by the soft and fruity notes of the chosen Scottish Whisky Blend.

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14.5 cm
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6.0 cm
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6.0 cm
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0.8 kg

Additional Specification:

Oolong teas, jasmine tea, rose petals, mallow blossom, further botanicals and Scotch Whisky.

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