Meat & Heat

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Meat & Heat

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Spice: Some like a tastebud tickle. Others, they like to raise the roof of their mouth. But a certain few, we�ll call them �the fire brigade�, want to do more than simply raise the roof- they want to send it into giddy stratospheres. And, if you�re a member of this brigade, or if you�re buying for one, then this pack of fiery delight is for you.

We�re hoping you know about our boy the Pig of Doom (POD). He�s the heat seeking missile of Team SP, seasoned with Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Chilli). He�s become a bit of cult hero in some parts- so much so that we decided to take him off the piggin� grid and into the world of hot sauce. It�s a simple recipe in many ways- great natural flavours as a base? Check. Bhut Jolokia chilli to turn the heat up to 11? Check. Potential tastebud carnage? Double check.

So there you have it- the Meat and Heat pack: a 90g POD crackling + POD Hot Sauce. Which, when you do the maths, equals quite the gift for a member of the Brigade.

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