Macaron Making Kit, Noel Edition

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Macaron Making Kit, Noel Edition

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Make beautiful macarons at home in around 2 hours, with the Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit. Framboise Rose Edition. This is truly the first macaron making kit of its kind. Housed in a sumptuously embellished tin. You’ll find it a joy to unwrap the inside contents which will provide you practically everything you need to make 24 macarons. This gift is a must-have item for any budding pâtissier. Macarons are naturally GLUTEN FREE. The recipe can also be made VEGAN. We give you instructions on how to do this.

- A gorgeous tin for you to present your macarons in.
- Silicone reusable & oven proof macaron mat and mould (see top tips)
- Silicone piping bag (see top tips)
- Stainless steel nozzle (see top tips)
- Large sachet of organic ground almonds (GLUTEN FREE)
- Large sachet organic icing sugar with food colour (GLUTEN FREE)
- Medium sachet of caster sugar (GLUTEN FREE)
- A small edible damask rose petals (GLUTEN FREE)
- An in-depth recipe booklet
- Online video tutorials taking you through step by step
- Large sachet of white chocolate (GLUTEN FREE)- VEGAN white chocolate can be provided on request

1) Your mat can be used to make biscuits or profiteroles too!
2) Your reusable piping bag saves on wastage as with plastic bags
3) Your reusable piping bag and nozzle can be used for icing cupcakes and piping éclairs & choux

* We aim to source responsibly wherever possible.

9 - 12 months shelf life.

Retail Height:
7.5 cm
Retail Width:
15.0 cm
Retail Length:
19.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.8 kg

Additional Specification:

5% off the whole price when ordering 2 boxes.

RRP: £35.00 each.

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