Inky Flamingo Unframed Print

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Inky Flamingo Unframed Print

SKU 524200

My hand drawn illustration of a tropical hot-pink Flamingo is the perfect gift to add a splash of colour. Lovingly reproduced using the finest printing methods and luxurious watercolour paper.

The unframed print is an A4 sheet, with the illustration approx 150mm x 150mm. Each print is signed by myself with a brand sticker on the back.

Also available as a framed print. This illustration is called Inky Flamingo and is created in the same way as all of my work - bamboo grows in the studio garden, which I cut, hand carve into dip pens and use with lots of different coloured inks.

Retail Height:
29.7 cm
Retail Width:
21.0 cm
Retail Length:
1.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.1 kg

RRP: £15.00 each.

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