Gooseberry Gin

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Gooseberry Gin

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Slingsby Gooseberry Gin is the latest addition to the Spirit of Harrogate Slingsby Range. Like all the Slingsby spirits, it is crafted using the world-famous Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals synonymous with the restorative nature of the town.

Yorkshire gooseberries bring an unmistakable tangy sharpness, tempered with a fruity sweetness whilst retaining the classic citrus notes of our classic award-winning London Dry Gin.

Gooseberry Gin is one of the most common home-brew gins in the UK. Bottled in the iconic Slingsby square bottle, but with an emerald green hue, this gin is perfectly suited to Mediterranean tonic to offset the tangy sharpness of the gooseberry.

Though the Gooseberry picking season may be a short one (in late June), this gin is perfectly garnished with green grapes or slices of Granny Smith Apples all year round. But of course, if you can get your hands on fresh Gooseberries they are a must!

Retail Height:
23.0 cm
Retail Width:
9.5 cm
Retail Length:
8.0 cm
Retail Weight:
1.2 kg

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