Set of 6 'Kansas' Steak Knives

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Set of 6 'Kansas' Steak Knives

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The 'Kansas' steak knife. Named appropriately after the state from which the idea came. The people wanted an elegant steak knife design, something different, something that would set it apart from other steak knives on the dinner table. Thus, the 'Kansas' design was born. This steak knife features a wave like handle design, crafted to fit the grip of the human hand to ensure ease and pleasure of use. All steak knives are hand-crafted. The 'Kansas' steak knife also boasts the admirable Dymond wood handle, which guarantees both performance and beauty. 'Kansas' blades are partly serrated which means you'll be able to handle whatever steak is thrown your way. Blades are forged from the finest quality, high carbon, stainless steel which provides excellent strength, hardness and edge retention. Set can be ordered as individual colours (Picture: set in the colour Regal) or as a mix of the different colours.

Steak Knives
3.0 cm
18.0 cm
26.0 cm
0.8 kg

RRP: £208.68 each.

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