Very British Baby® - Shampoo 500 Ml

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Very British Baby® - Shampoo 500 Ml

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Use Very British Baby Shampoo to gently clean your baby’s hair and scalp. Leaves your baby smelling clean and fresh.
Very British Baby is formulated with a paraben free and
no-tears formula.

Very British Baby is blended with English ingredients used by past generations. What was an old heritage is now a new tradition.

Retail Height:
18.0 cm
Retail Width:
7.5 cm
Retail Length:
7.5 cm
Retail Weight:
0.5 kg

RRP: £3.50 each.

GBE Stockists

Lucy's Handpicked Home, Aylsham, NR116ET
British Stuff, Reepham, NR10 4 JW

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