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The Hot Chilli Sauce - Condiment & Dip

SKU 524429

CAUTION: this sauce is HOT HOT HOT. Made from a mind-blowing mix of spices and chilli peppers, this fiery concoction is packed full of deep and unexpected flavours. Very spicy and utterly delicious, this is a welcome addition to any dish you want to pack a punch.

How do I use it?

Carefully! We’re serious, this is spicy stuff. A great dipping sauce for crisps or vegetables, this is even better with grilled prawns.

After opening, store in dry, cool place (fridge).


Retail Height:
8.3 cm
Retail Width:
6.9 cm
Retail Length:
0.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.5 kg
Shelf Life:
24 months

Additional Specification:

Case of 6

RRP: £6.50 each.

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