Bbq Trio - Bbq Spicy

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Bbq Trio - Bbq Spicy

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Trio gift pack containing Chilli Rub, Habanero & Pineapple and Spicy BBQ Salt in a trio gift pack

Chilli Rub for Chicken - Our range of BBQ Rubs are each intended for specific meats, to ensure each flavour matches perfectly! We have hand blended, freshly ground premium herbs and spices in-house to create eight authentic dry rubs for marinating. The range includes BBQ, Cajun, Jerk, Sweet Ribs, Moroccan, Chilli, Steak and Tandoori. They are specifically paired to work with certain meats and fish and not to over power.

Habanero & Pineapple Jam - Our range of Jams are to be used as a condiment or a last minute glaze. Made with Warwickshire Chilli Tree, the Habanero & Pineapple jam is great with pork and it HOT! The Smoky Chipotle jam can be teamed with beef and is MEDIUM. The Sweet Chilli & Lime is MILD and perfect for pairing with chicken or fish.

Spicy BBQ Salt - Collaborating with Halen M�n sea salt, the two BBQ Salts come in an original blend of smoked, garlic and charcoal and a spicy version with added chilli. Seasoning meat and vegetables is the main purpose of the salt but it can also be used as a finishing salt. Perfect for enhancing genuine BBQ flavours. The salt also won 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017!

Retail Height:
7.0 cm
Retail Width:
7.0 cm
Retail Length:
21.0 cm
Retail Weight:
0.8 kg
Shelf Life:
18 months

Additional Specification:

Chilli Rub 50g� Paprika, Pancha, Chipotle, Ancho, Guajillo, Smoked Paprika, Coriander, Celery Salt, Nutmeg, Onion, Sugar, Tarragon.

Habanero & Pineapple Jam 110g � Sugar, Pineapple, red pepper, Habanero Mash, Lemon Juice, Pectin.

Spicy BBQ Salt 50g - Anglesey Sea Salt Chilli & Garlic (50%), Roasted Garlic (25%) and Charcoal (25%).

Allergy Advice:

Nutritional Info:
*Homemade, natural ingredients

RRP: £14.00 each.

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