Himalayan Bath Salts With Rose Geranium 350g

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Himalayan Bath Salts With Rose Geranium 350g

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Unwind and refresh with our Himalayan Bath Salts with Rose Geranium. Handmade in Wales, our bath salts contain 100% natural ingredients.

Rose Geranium has been linked with alleviating depression as well as feelings of stress and worry. With a wonderful smell and soothing properties, it helps to restore balance between oily and dry skin.

Grapefruit refreshes the skin - its amino acids help to make skin firmer and smoother.

Helping to lock in moisture, himalayan salts can reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst cleansing and detoxing the skin.

How to use: Pour a generous handful into running water to enjoy the aromatherapeutic and essential oil properties.

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RRP: £12.50 each.

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