Smokin Hot Bbq Sauce Set

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Smokin Hot Bbq Sauce Set

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Spice up grilled meats, BBQ’s and any meal that needs a hit of heat with this punchy little power couple. Hot Habanero Sauce – full of Mexico’s famously fiery chillies – and sensationally smoky BBQ sauce for the sweetest fruity tang.

Ideal for marinading meats or pour into our exclusive terracotta pot for great dipping. One will knock your socks off, the other is moreishly mellow.

Designed for dipping, our exclusive Bates Mini Dish also has oven proof qualities, which makes it perfect for incredible individual puddings be they chocolate or souffle. It’s also handy for antipasti and serving our delicious Giant Olives.

8.0 cm
12.0 cm
35.0 cm
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