Joyful Jams

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Joyful Jams

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Celebrate the truly British pastime of afternoon tea with this trio of jams that burst with sophistication. Treat your toast, tarts, cakes and scones to a refined repertoire of fruity flavours and enjoy every delicious mouthful with these elegantly English spreads that each boast an inspired twist.

RASPBERRY & MINT JAM Beautifully crafted, this richly sharp and fruity affair, with its cool and refreshing herbal hit of mint, brings an uplifting freshness to teatime breads and pastries. Terrific on toast, it would make a sumptuous filling for any tart.

STRAWBERRY & BLACK PEPPER JAM Fabulously flavoursome and full of bright berry sweetness, this well-balanced jam is enhanced by a wonderfully earthy pinch of fresh black pepper. Excellent for toast with a twist and incredibly elegant cream teas.

CHERRY & STAR ANISE JAM Aromatic and packed with indulgently rich fruit and lavished with a warming hint of spiced aniseed for amazing mini tarts and pies, or simply irresistible spread into a Victoria Sponge.

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RRP: £12.00 each.

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