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Gurujis are spiritual leaders that help guide us on a path to a healthier lifestyle. For me, my mother has always been one of my Gurujis, leading me down the path to better health and a happier life. So when she introduced me to Lotus seeds, a product she grew up on, I loved them and decided to make my own! Hence why these Lotus Seeds are also Guruji. Lotus seeds are held in high esteem in the Eastern part of the world due to the many health benefits they provide. A 100% natural puff that’s sustainably harvested from natural plants. At Guruji, we believe in natural products and natural ingredients with minimal processing to create snacks that are not only better for you but also genuinely good for you. We teamed up with a top London chef to create our distinctive and punchy flavours using absolutely no artificial or unrecognisable ingredients. Our plant to packet process guarantees that our seeds are brought to you in the most natural way possible. Hope you enjoy them!