JEKL Limited

JEKL Steak on the go!

London, London

On a road trip along the US West Coast we became addicted to Gourmet Jerky, an on the go meat snack that was like Roast Beef in a bag. This was an absolute killer product. There was nothing like it back home.

Hungry and health conscious, we decided to create something even better, a healthy snack with the texture of roast beef and the taste impact of crisps.

We assembled a team of master butchers, international chefs and an expert seasonings house. It took us four years to create a totally new production process but we now have a Gourmet Jerky of our own.

JEKL Steak on the go! is made from whole joints of slow-cooked British and Irish beef. It is marinated, seasoned, air-dried and most importantly Spectacularly Tasty. You can see the packaging is more beautiful than conventional meat snacks, what you cant see is how amazing it tastes!