Satisfied Snacks

Satisfied Snacks

Godalming, Surrey

ROUGHS - Salad as a Crisp
A deliciously crispy snack made from the wholesome ingredients of a home-made salad.

“I always tried not to snack because most options were loaded with salt, sugar and artificial flavourings. I wanted something tasty, convenient, and healthy — that’s where the idea for Roughs was born.” - Dr. Heather Daniell (CEO)

Roughs are an entirely new type of snack. Not a crisp, cracker, wafer or tortilla. No potato, wheat of corn with a dusting of powdered flavouring. We use our all natural patent-pending method to turn real food into an exceedingly delicious crispy snack. Without unnecessary fillers, starchy carbohydrates or anything artificial, Roughs are also uncompromisingly healthy, with at least 1 of your 5 a day in each serving.

We are also a highly sustainable company using non-plastic fully recyclable packaging and we will be manufacturing with 100% on-site renewable energy.