Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

The founder of Chocolateeha, Wajeeha, has a passion and love for chocolate that led her to to quit her job in the automotive industry and start up a chocolate company where she could create chocolate the way she wanted.

Wajeeha believes chocolate should be eaten everyday but, coming from a family with a strong history of diabetes, she couldn't eat as much chocolate as she wanted.

After months of research and lab tests, Wajeeha discovered the real benefits of dark chocolate. Chocolate is still one of the major contributors towards obesity in the UK and the culprit is sugar rather than cocoa itself. She's developed a range of chocolate from dark to white with no nasties, no preservatives and just pure natural flavour.

Wajeeha encourages you to come to the dark side in order to eat chocolate everyday. However also believes in indulging in milk or white at the weekends. At Chocolateeha we give you this opportunity to enjoy and eat chocolate with healthier options.