Black Shuck

Black Shuck

Fakenham, Norfolk

The Black Shuck Gin story began during the Summer of 2011, when Patrick and Sarah Saunders together with their children Leanne, Nicola and William had a dream to start their own business. Inspired by the North Norfolk Coast, the family makes the most of local resources to create enchanting flavours reminiscent of the big skies and fresh, open coastal experience unique to the area.

After four years in development, enlisting family and friends for numerous taste testing sessions, Black Shuck launched the first Norfolk based London Dry Gin in 2015.

They have since gone on to produce a collection of innovative and unique Premium Gins, to suit a range of tastes. The Legend of Black Shuck speaks of a Huge Ghostly Black Dog, with flaming red eyes that roams the coastline vainly seeking his long lost master. Some say he protects lone night travellers, whilst others speak of a more sinister omen...

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