Our founders, Lukas and Vincent, moved from Cologne, Germany to Newcastle upon Tyne, England in September 2015. They first met at St. James’ Park, well-known Newcastle United football stadium. Ever since, they see Newcastle as their second home, calling themselves ‘Geordies by choice’.

The British tea tradition and the enjoyment of craft spirits inspired them to combine two of Brits’ favourite drinks: alcohol and tea. Thus the world’s first cold brewed tea with spirit was born. And the rest is history…

Inspired by tea stories from around the world and named after eccentric tea tales, NOVELTEA launched with two distinct flavours.The Tale of Tangier (11% abv.) delivers a unique blend of Moroccan green mint tea with white rum, revealing the magnificent beauty of the Orient.

The Tale of Earl Grey (11% abv.) celebrates Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin British gin.