Marie's Little Jar


London, London

Marie’s Little Jar is a symbol of its creator, ‘Marie’ Carine Ottou, getting back to her roots. For Marie, growing up in Cameroon meant being constantly surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of wonderful food. She spent weekends at markets finding fresh local produce which was all naturally grown. Just as she rejected hair-straightening chemicals in her life, so too does she reject anything artificial in her products.

Marie’s Little Jar is about getting to the heart and soul of food, and realising that great, truly unique flavour is available, in its simplest form, straight from nature. It is about realising that healthy eating never means compromising on flavour.
The sauces are made of 100% natural ingredients, and easy to use – your healthy cupboard secrets which add wow-factor to your food with minimal effort. With Marie’s Little Jar sauces, Marie wants to help bring you the tastesof Africa. No tricks, no fuss, just some little jars of goodness which will make you happy