Workspaces are changing, and we like it!

Gone are the days of working in corporate, bland and uninspiring offices as many different projects across the UK aim to create a new, flexible and inspirational work space for creatives to develop and grow their businesses.

The Custard Factory in Birmingham is leading the revolution. Originally home to the instant egg-free custard in 1837, the factory has now been converted into creative work spaces, occupied by over 400 creative and digital businesses and independent retail and leisure venues. Situated in beautifully restored Victorian factories and described by the Custard Factory as ‘rich in history and packed with urban charm, offering a fresh alternative to run of the mill, corporate spaces’ and with offices available to accommodate businesses with between 2 and 40+ employees it is easy to see why the likes of ASOS and Maverick TV have already secured an office space. The Custard Factory doesn’t stop at being one of the most successful creative hubs in the UK it also includes 30 independent shops, bars, cafes and salons and hosts fairs, festivals and events most weekends.

Another business, closer to home for The Great British Exchange, is Duke’s Studio based in Leeds. Voted one of the twelve coolest co-working places in the world by USA Today, the offices with a built in photo booth and Lego building area, pride themselves on putting people first and business second. Duke’s Studio provides freelancers and small businesses with an exciting alternative to working from home or travelling to out-of-city offices.

In between Leeds and Bradford is another hidden gem offering inspiring workspaces for both large and small organisations. Sunny Bank Mills offers a variety of spaces from photography studios to offices within its historic mills.

These businesses and many more across the UK are changing the way we work. By pushing boundaries with innovative workspaces, it will hopefully encourage the people working within them to adapt the blue-sky thinking which could result in some really interesting ideas. What’s really great is that everyone involved with the projects are helping each other. The business world can, at times, feel like every man for himself but these projects are encouraging businesses and people to help each other through sharing skill sets, collaborations and offering business advice. People are helping other people succeed and here at The Great British Exchange that is something we too feel very strongly about.

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