Upcoming update to Oven Gloves regulation, taking effect on 21st April 2018. Oven Gloves will be classed as PPE under the new regulation – 425/2016/EU which will replace 89/686/EEC.

The regulation has not yet been released, however it is believed it will involve some of the following:

Basic physical requirements for meeting the CE Mark standards for protection against Contact Heat:

BS 6526:1998

Contact Heat @ 250°C (ISO 12127-1)

As new and after multiple washes (ISO 6330).

In essence, the biggest change will be that Oven Gloves must withstand contact heat of 250°C on the top and bottom of the glove for a reasonable number of washes (classed as the useful life of the product). Currently the suggestion is 25 washes to meet this definition.

The second part to this expected change is that the gloves will have to be CE marked, but in order for this to happen, a technical file must be assembled and submitted to a Notified Body (NB) who will review the documentation and award the certification based on essential health and safety requirements.

Please ensure that you do your research leading up to the release of the new regulation.

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