Survey Finds SME’s Would Prefer To Deal With Fewer Suppliers

A recent survey by web service provider Basekit has revealed that over half of small business owners feel their business would perform better if they didn’t have to worry about managing multiple suppliers.

Basekit surveyed 500 decision-makers in businesses with 25 employees or less, and their findings were striking:

  • More than a third of small business owners have no idea how many external suppliers they use
  • Of those that did know, 40% used more than 3 suppliers
  • 40% of SME’s have to manage multiple payments each month

Through our work with independent retailers we know how important time is to SME’s and how much of it is often spent on admin tasks. Small, dynamic businesses often don’t have an IT or accounts department and the job of managing suppliers tends to fall to the business owner.

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When you run an independent shop you’d much rather be choosing great products and marketing them to your customers, not dealing with all the admin that comes with it. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you manage 3 or more suppliers and we’re sure that time would be better spent on your business.

Interestingly, Basekit’s survey actually points to a solution:

    • Almost half of the SME’s surveyed revealed that they are currently bundling their personal services like home phone, broadband and TV

This points towards a healthy appetite for “single sourcing”, or finding all your services under one roof. Consumers demand this kind of high quality, bundled service at home, so why not demand it for your business too?

This is where The Great British Exchange comes in. Our website showcases British-made products to independent retailers, allowing you to choose items from multiple suppliers whilst keeping all the admin in one place.

Through our website you will be able to:

Find new, exciting products in a wide range of categories including fashion, homeware, food & drink, garden and crafts

  • Order the products you want for your shop, including small orders and samples
  • Pay just one invoice, no matter how many suppliers you buy from
  • Easily track your order so you know exactly when your new stock will arrive


The Great British Exchange acts as your sole supplier, handling all the admin between retailers and producers so your ordering, payment and delivery process is completely streamlined. Not only do we make it really easy to find fabulous new products, we make it easy to manage too.

If you’d like to free up your time from dealing with multiple suppliers and find exciting new products to stock, sign up to The Great British Exchange today. We support British business and we’d love to have you on board.

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