Gin: The New Wedding Favour-ite


Gin has become one of the nation’s favourite tipples and now we’re seeing a growing trend for couples to give wedding guests their own gin-themed favours.

According to our team of gin-sourcing experts, sales of gin miniatures have gone through the roof in 2018 with wedding favours estimated to account for more than 70% of this market.

Matthew Hopkins, our Managing Director, says “There are some really interesting and unique varieties, pretty bottles and handwritten labels available from British craft gin makers which are perfect for brides and grooms who want to add some individuality to proceedings.”

“We’ve also seen a big rise in local gins – Harrogate Gin, Norfolk Gin and Manchester Gin for example – which are adding to the appeal for wedding favours, allowing guests to take away a memento from the big day and the venue or home town of the bride or groom.”

There are 315 distilleries in Britain – more than double the number operating five years ago.  Last year British consumers bought 47 million bottles of gin and in 2018 that figure is expected to rise by around 20%, driven partly by the demand for favours.

Following this rise in demand, we now a dedicated gin section on our online marketplace which supplies retail buyers, wedding planners, venues and event organisers with gin-themed gifts and favours.

“Small scale makers are very good at responding quickly to trends and they are coming up with some really creative and innovative ideas to satisfy the growing interest in gin miniatures for gifts, weddings and events.”

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