Come and getcha ‘booch’: Stock up on the UK’s coolest vegan soft drink

The healthy soft drinks market is growing and we’re excited to announce that one of the UK’s market leaders, Equinox Kombucha, has teamed up with The Great British Exchange to offer retailers a special deal on stock until Wednesday 26th September.

Equinox Kombucha is a health revolution in a bottle, packed full of naturally occurring vitamins, acids and beneficial bacteria and ticking all the boxes for those who prefer their drinks to be organic, vegan, raw and unpasteurised.

When the guys from Equinox dropped in to give us a try of their artisan ‘booch’ we were amazed by the taste but there was one more surprise to come. They revealed that the UK’s leading brand of kombucha drink is brewed in the hills of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, not Asia.

As Yorkshire folk ourselves, we appreciate the fact that this exotic tea is a local brew. We’re also rather delighted that it’s good for us. No wonder it’s flying off the shelves in retail outlets, health food stores, cafes and bars across Britain, not to mention parts of Europe.

We think your customers deserve to experience the delicious flavour of Equinox Kombucha so we’ll be giving our retailers a tasty 10% off all orders placed between 12th and 26th September.

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