How Do You Scale Up Your Business?

Did you know that 520,000 new businesses were started in the UK during 2013? A recent Guardian article suggests that it’s not starting a business that’s the challenge, but rather small businesses need help when it comes to scaling up their operations. According to the article, there are three main challenges that new businesses must

The Future of British Manufacturing – Onshoring, Just a Trend Or Is There Really No Place Like Home?

A recent report by the UK Government has identified an increasing trend for British Manufacturing, in particular something called ‘onshoring’. This phenomenon, also ‘reshoring’, typically involves the repatriation of production from low-cost locations back to the UK, investment in on-shore production to enhance capability, and even deliberate sourcing of components from onshore rather than from

Interview With Wyatt and Jack

Based on the Isle of Wight, Wyatt and Jack creates unique, sustainable bags and accessories from re-purposed fabrics. With striking beach-inspired designs, their products are British-manufactured and made to last. Today we’re speaking to owner Georgia about what inspires this quintessentially British brand. What inspired Wyatt and Jack? It’s weird, I wouldn’t say there was