Andy Cordina of Bettie Confetti gives us an insight into her brand and an inside scoop on the inspiration behind her fun and quirky greeting cards and stationery.

Andy, what is the story behind your brand?

 I started Bettie Confetti about three years ago, just after I got married. Like every other bride on the planet, the wedding was all I thought about for about a year prior and I basically spent 12 months crafting and designing for it. A good friend of mine said to me on the day that I should start a business doing something crafty, because everything looked so good. And Bettie Confetti was born.

About six months ago, I left my full-time marketing job that I’d been in for 10 years to focus on Bettie Confetti full time, and have been growing the brand ever since.

 What makes your product unique?

There’s something pretty special about being able to make someone laugh. My Dad is a total joker with the driest sense of humour and he’s always made me laugh, so I think I’ve inherited that. If you can take the mick without offending people you can hit a real sweet spot. And that sweet spot is what I think makes Bettie Confetti cards unique.

The range is also really cohesive now. Retailers know what to expect with me and the whole brand is fairly distinctive with the board that it’s printed on and the typography style.

If you had to choose, which is your favourite card?

That’s such a difficult question, but I think I’d have to say my Mother’s/ Father’s Day Card that says “Thanks for always getting us to the airport four hours early”. That card instantly takes me back to my childhood, being woken up at 2am for a 9am flight. To be fair though, I’ve NEVER missed a flight so the training as a child seemed to work in my favour.

There is clearly some great inspiration behind your quotations, there must be a story or two you could share with us?

My new Valentine’s Range ‘True Love Is…” is based on my first three years of marriage. It’s funny how many times my patient husband has to pause Game of Thrones to explain to me what’s going on, or how we both secretly think our Border Terrier loves us more than the other. So I’ve really based it on all those little every day quirks that so many couples can relate to. I hope people will see them and say “I do that!” which is why I think they’ll be popular.

 Bettie Confetti have recently launched a range of pencils; could you tell us a bit more…

The last six months have seen the launch of notebooks and pencils. The pencils in particular are great for retail, and the way that they’re made means I can create new product styles really easily. I did a lot of research into the current pencils available on the market, but haven’t really seen anyone do anything like I’m doing with the different coloured foils. I really love them and they’ve really taken off with my direct customers.

With 2017 coming to a close, what is next on the agenda for Bettie Confetti?

The next six months are really going to be all about developing within my current range. I think it’s important not to do too much too soon and dilute the brand with products that haven’t had enough time and thought spent on them. With Spring Seasons just around the corner, I’ll be looking to add to my Mother’s Day and Father’s day collection and possibly refreshing my Age cards also.  

Bettie Confetti cards and stationery are available to buy wholesale through The Great British Exchange.

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