Important dates for British retail and manufacturing businesses in 2017

As a new year begins we at The Great British Exchange thought it would be the perfect time to create this handy retail calendar infographic to highlight some of the important dates manufacturers and retailers need to keep in mind when planning their marketing, manufacturing and sales strategies for the year ahead.

We know how hard it can be for medium to small business to find the time to plan ahead but by organising production, marketing and sales promotions around key dates in the calendar, businesses can ensure that they have enough stock to meet demand at peak times, are targeting the right people, at the right time and meeting their customers needs.
Although the relevance of the dates will vary based on your business and the products you sell, many will have a direct or indirect effect on your business, whether that be retail or manufacturing, B2B or B2C and will likely need to be factored into your planning.
With the popularity of British made products globally, the increased exposure to global markets through online channels and rapidly increasing tourism to the UK from countries such as China l[1], we have also included a few events and holidays not commonly known here in the UK to highlight the need to look beyond the traditional UK retail dates to take full advantage of changing social trends.
Finally, please use this infographic as a starting point, remembering that marketing and manufacturing for any key events need to begin well in advance and you should look to be adding key dates that are relevant to you own business and its customers.

We hope you enjoy this infographic and please feel free to share it on your own website, blog or social feed using the links below.

From all of us at The Great British Exchange, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.


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