“Find niche products, highlight they are British and tell their stories”, says retail consultant Corin Birchall in his advice to independent retailers.

We recently discussed all things retail with independent retail consultant Corin Birchall. Following on from talking about Corin’s views on British high streets and the challenges facing independent retailers, we thought you might like to hear Corin’s advice to independent retailers whether they are just starting out or are looking to reinvigorate their daily routines.

“Smarter independents seek out creative niches and unique lines” says Corin Birchall of Kerching Retail as we chat to him about independent retailers and Britain’s high streets

Corin Birchall is an independent retail and marketing consultant and founder of consultancy firm Kerching Retail. Having worked with a variety of retailers including gift stores, coffee shops, farm shops and department stores, Corin has over twenty years of experience. Corin is also passionate about British towns and cities and works with various organisations across