1,000 products and there’s more every day! 

Two weeks ago we began inviting carefully selected British producers to come and join us on The Great British Exchange. We now have over 1,000 products ready for purchase and we are beginning to ask independent retailers to open their accounts ready for trading to commence next week.
So far producers are very happy with the process of opening an account and uploading products . ‘I’ve just uploaded some of my products. Just to let you know the process was really easy to use and straightforward. I had no problems,’ commented Ann from oi Doris on uploading her first products to The GBE.
We have worked hard to try and accommodate every product type possible and we have ‘copy product’ functionality which makes it easy to add a range of designs under one product type. We also have a ‘box configurator’ which makes packing your products easy and means you get the most out of our preferencial delivery rates.
Producer Account - Copy product functionaility
Producer Account – Copy product functionaility
If you make British products and are looking to start or expand your retail sales we’d love to hear from you. We have a customer service team who are on hand via email ready to help with any queries and you can always call us on 01423 229988.
As of next week retailers will be opening accounts with The GBE and from there they will be able to access all the product categories, being able to browse and order products. We’re looking forward to putting together product showcases and marketing all of our producers’ products to our retailers. We’re also looking forward to working with retailers who are looking for exclusivity opportunities or products from outside their area that they know their customers will enjoy.
Thank you to everyone who has supported The GBE over the last twelve months, the team here are all so excited to be finally ready to commence trading and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved this far!
Let the next chapter begin!!
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